Expert Caliban Character Analysis

Expert Caliban Character Analysis
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He is the son of the witch, Sycorax. Caliban knows the island well because he was born and raised there. Therefore, he feels like Prospero is taking over the island from his. First, he is a vengeful character. He does not feel good that he has to work for Prospero. This is why he hatches a plan with Sebastian and Trinculo to kill Prospero so that Sebastian can take over the leadership of the island. Through, magical power, Ariel prevents them from proceeding with this plan.

Caliban is also naive. He trusts anyone who promises him freedom. It first begins with Prospero who helps him. Though Caliban does not work wholeheartedly, he still pays back Prospero. The appearance of Sebastian and Trinculo in the island also gives him hope that he can reclaim the island from Prospero by killing him. However, that does not happen.

He also comes out as someone cautious. At first, he thinks that Trinculo is a spirit sent by Prospero to haunt him. He wants to be sure before he indulges in anything. That includes the alcohol that is availed by Sabastian. Because of Caliban’s look and smell, most people do not trust him either.

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