Prince Ferdinand Character Analysis

Prince Ferdinand Character Analysis
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He is the heir to Alonso’s throne. During the shipwreck, he is separated from his father and the team they were traveling with from Tunis. Ferdinand is someone humble. Even though he is a prince, he accepts to be at the service of Prospero. He works diligently with the motivation that he loves Miranda and would love if they get married.

Ferdinand also comes out as a respectful character. He does everything as directed by Prospero including the menial tasks that are issued to him. Moreover, he agrees not to break Miranda’s virginity even though he has worked hard to win her love.

He is also very persistent. No amount of work prevents him from continuing to pursue his love for Miranda. Even when he is tired, he still strives to work on to impress Prospero and Miranda. Such a personality is hard to find in a prince.

Ferdinand is also loving. It is this love that he has for Miranda that makes him work hard despite the hardships that he has to go through. Being that he is a prince, he may not be used to the conditions on the island.

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