Exemplary Miranda Character Analysis

Exemplary Miranda Character Analysis
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A young lady of 15 years who is Prospero’s daughter. She only becomes aware of herself in the island and has never seen any other man apart from Prospero, her father, and Caliban. Miranda is caring. This is demonstrated by the concern she shows when she sees the wrecked ship on the island. She wants her father to ensure that those in the ship are safe. However, she still does not feel comfortable even when her father assures her that they are all safe. That shows just how much she cares about humanity and the welfare of other people.

Miranda is also naive. That is because she does not have enough experience in life. She is amazed by Alonso and his group because she has never seen such people before given that she only knows Caliban and her father.

She is also loving. This is shown by the fact that she falls in love with Ferdinand immediately she sees him. After that, she feels bad every time she sees Ferdinand working hard for Prospero. There is a time when she forces Ferdinand to stop working and rest feeling that he is very tired. That is the time they decide to get married.

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