Comprehensive Prospero Character Analysis

Comprehensive Prospero Character Analysis
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In the Play, Prospero is depicted as the main protagonist. Most of the things in the play happen because of the instructions he issues to Ariel There are several traits that he displays. He comes out as someone sympathetic. As much as he is dethroned by his brother Antonio with the Help of King Alonso from The Dukedom, he still finds the heart to forgive them.

Prospero is also persistent. He does not just sit after he is dethroned from Dukedom. Twelve years later, he still schemes on how to get back what is rightfully his and is only comfortable when he reclaims his position.

He is also loving. This can be seen in the way he treats her daughter Miranda. She always wants the best for her and Plots on how to Get Ferdinand to marry her. He is very happy when her daughter finally finds a husband in Ferdinand.

The controlling nature of Prospero also makes him turn Caliban into his servant even though Caliban serves unhappily. Ariel the spirit also serves him to obtain his freedom after the work of over. Prospero also forces Ferdinand to work for him to be sure that Ferdinand loves his daughter.

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