The Tempest Act 1 Summary and Analysis for Students

The Tempest Act 1 Summary and Analysis for Students
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In The Tempest, the first act is an introductory act. The characters and the plot of the play are brought forth. To know more about what happens, read the summaries below:

A Complete Tempest Act 1 Scene 1 Summary

The scene begins when the ship is at sea and is being violently turned by the storm. The Mariners swing into action as they try to salvage the situation. All that is known at this point is that those in the ship are returning from Tunis headed towards Italy. As boatswain tries to save them from sinking, Alonso and his colleagues are just waiting to see what happens next. They are advised by the sailors to move below the deck. There is a bitter exchange between Gonzalo and Boatswain since they have refused to follow the instructions followed by the Mariners meant to ensure they are safe.

A comprehensive Act 1 Scene 2 Summary

The location of the play changes to the island. Here, there are two characters, Prospero and Miranda, who is his daughter. From the onset, Prospero seems like someone who is stranded on the island. Miranda, who saw the ship sink inquiries from the father if he is responsible for the storm that sunk the ship. It is at this point that Prospero reveals secrets to Miranda about the fact that he was overthrown from the Duke ship of Milan by Antonio. The other characters who are introduced at this stage include Ariel, a spirit controlled by Prospero and Caliban the slave. Ferdinand who is part of the group that is involved in the sea accident meets Miranda.

Expert The Tempest Act 1 Summary and Analysis

The play begins within an environment that is full of chaos and uncertainty. With the storm in the sea, those in the ship are not sure of their survival. In the island, Miranda feels sorry for those in the wrecked ship. This act is meant to give the readers the perspective of the play.

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