The Tempest Act 2 Summary and Analysis for You

The Tempest Act 2 Summary and Analysis for You
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At this point, the idea of what the play is about is apparent to the readers. Get more from the analysis below:

The Tempest Act 2 Scene 1 Summary

After the wreckage, Alonso, who is the King of Naples, together with Antonio, the Duke of Milan, Sebastian and Gonzalo find themselves on the shore unharmed. However, Ferdinand is not there. While Gonzalo sees the beauty of the land on the island, the others think that they have come to the worst place ever. The King, on the other hand, feels bad for marrying off his daughter in Tunis as he feels the journey is what caused the tragedy that befell them leading to the loss of his son Ferdinand. As they continue looking for Ferdinand, Antonio suggests to Sabastian that they should kill the King. Though Sabastian does not agree at first, the promise that he could become King after Alonso’s death persuades him.

Their plan to kill the King does not work as Alonso wakes up from sleep when they are just about to kill using swords. When the king finds them wielding the swords, they create a story that they were protecting the king from the lions. The possibility that there could be lions on the island makes the King fearful. Ariel saves the king

The Whole Act 2 Scene 2 Summary

Caliban is busy fetching wood for Prospero. As he complains about the treatment, he receives Prospero. Trinculo appears. Cuban thinks that Trinculo is one of the spirits sent by Prospero to haunt him. Stephano also comes while singing because he is drunk.  Finally, they become great friends and begin drinking together.

Complete The Tempest Act 2 Analysis

Through the conversation between Alonso and his people, they bring the readers up to speed with the settings of the play. However, while Gonzalo says it is a beautiful place, the reader may be confused because the others claim the location is unattractive. Therefore, the pace remains ambiguous.

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