Expert The Tempest Act 3 Summary and Analysis

Expert The Tempest Act 3 Summary and Analysis
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The scene revolves around various pictures of bondage. Ferdinand works as servant despite being loyal. He does not like Prospero but works for him anyway because his new love, Miranda would benefit from it. Miranda also offers slave-like devoutness to Ferdinand.

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Ferdinand starts working for Prospero. Unlike Caliban who hated doing the work, Ferdinand is happy because he knows she is working on getting Miranda. Throughout the period that Ferdinand works, his mind is always fixated to Miranda. Thinking that her father is away, Miranda tries to convince Ferdinand to take rest from the hard work. This is the opportunity that Ferdinand takes to seduce Miranda using very persuasive words. Fortunately for Ferdinand, she reciprocates the sweet words. This is the point Ferdinand introduces himself as the prince and proclaims his love for Miranda. Ferdinand accepts to marry Miranda. That makes Prospero who has been watching all along happy with the fact that his daughter has found a suitor.

Comprehensive Act 3 Scene 2 Summary

Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban continue with their drinking and talking about the stories of the island. The three begin a quarrel because of their drunkenness. Stephano already feels like the King of the island mocks the others whom he perceives as his subjects. As they continue with their talk, Caliban suggests that they should kill Prospero. They can start on the plan by taking away Prospero’s magic book. The idea that Stephano can become King while transforming Miranda to queen excites them making all of them accept the idea.

Before they execute the plan, Ariel pays the flute. Though the music makes Stephano and Trinculo wonder, Caliban gives then an assurance that there is no cause for alarm. The three set out to follow the music and proceed with their plan to kill Prospero later.

The Tempest Act 3 Scene 3 Summary

The scene gets back to Alonso and his colleagues (Sebastian, Antonio, and Gonzalo) who are somewhere in the middle of the island still searching for Ferdinand. They are almost giving up because they are tired. It is at this point that Sebastian and Antonio revisit their plan to kill Alonso. A magical meal appears. Since they are hungry, they do not question the source of food. As they settle down to eat, Ariel appears in the form of a woman’s face, and the food disappears. They are rebuked for the evil they did to Prospero.

The Tempest Act 3 Analysis for Students

The appearance of Ariel during the magical banquet is the point where the readers know that the ills were done to Prospero. All that Prospero wants is to get justice for the bad things done to him by Alonso and Antonio.

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