The Tempest Act 4 Summary and Analysis

The Tempest Act 4 Summary and Analysis
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The Act takes place in Prospero’s cell. Prospero clarifies to Ferdinand why he made him work as a slave. Prospero says he only wanted to know how much Ferdinand loved Miranda. Given the high value that Prospero attached to her daughter Miranda, he would not want any man who is untested to marry her. This shows just how much Prospero loved Miranda. She considered her one-third of his life. Now that Ferdinand had proven his value, he could now have Miranda as his wife.

Ferdinand is excited to take Miranda as his wife. However, he is warned not to break her virginity before all the marriage ceremonies are performed as that activity can cause them an unhappy marital life. Ferdinand offers an assurance that no matter how bad he might be; he is never going to ignore that instruction.

After the satisfactory chat about the marriage, Ariel is called to play nice music as a gift to Miranda and Ferdinand. After the music, Ariel tells Prospero about the rage that Trinculo, Caliban, and Stephano had and their plan to kill Prospero. However, he assures Prospero that he drove them to the scummy pool.

The three (Trinculo, Caliban, and Stephano) escape from the pool with a renewed zeal to continue with their plan to kill Prospero. The fact that they lost their wine bottle is devastating to them. They are distracted by the beautiful clothes that Prospero hangs outside. Caliban fears that Prospero may soon find out their plans and torture them.

Before they could do anything, Ariel creates dog-like spirits that scare and chases the three people. Prospero curses them and promises that bad things such as convulsions and pinches will happen to them. They run off to the woods.

This scene mainly concentrates on the theme of marriage with the main focus being on Miranda and Ferdinand. The readers also learn just how much Prospero loves his daughter Miranda.

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