An Informative the Tempest Act 5 Summary and Analysis

An Informative the Tempest Act 5 Summary and Analysis
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Prospero makes an inquiry about the development of King Alonso from Ariel. The information is that the site if the shipwreck is in a bad state. Alonso and his colleagues are mourning the perceived loss of Ferdinand. The tone with which Ariel gives the information shows that he cares and would not want Prospero to revenge against the traitors. Prospero feels happy with the potency of the magic he uses but promises that as soon as he finishes the last task, he can do away with the magic book and staff.

Ariel comes back with Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo and Alonso who is very tired. With the magic stance, they are surprised to see Prospero giving an address to each of them. Prospero first acknowledges that Gonzalo knows the art of perseverance and is always loyal to his masters. On the other hand, Prospero accuses King Alonso of mistreating him and his daughter Miranda. Sabastian suffers because of the wrongs committed by Alonso. Finally, Prospero reveals the plan Sebastian and Antonio had to kill the King so that Sebastian could ascend to the throne. All the people accused of wrongdoing are forgiven at that point.

Being that Prospero had a feeling that Alonso and the others may not believe that he is real, he requests Ariel to bring the sword to prove that he was the Duke of Milan. Ariel plays nice music to the amazement of the those before Prospero.

After that, the Dukedom of Prospero is restored, and Alonso requests to be forgiven. When Alonso brings up the issue of the loss of his son, Alonso is happy to find out that Ferdinand is alive. Alonso is also informed of the marriage between Ferdinand and Miranda.

After spending the night in Prospero’s cell, they plan on a trip back to Italy. Ariel is freed to after safe travel to Italy.

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