Complete The Tempest Character List

Complete The Tempest Character List
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The play has many characters who make different contributions to the plot. Below is a list that should give an insight into who you are likely to encounter in the course of reading the text:

Prospero the Dethroned Duke

He is the main protagonist in the pay. Twelve years before the events that took place in the text, he was the Duke of Milan but was dethroned before being forced into exile with his daughter Miranda. With the assistance of Alonso, Antonio overthrows him from dukedom.

Gonzalo assists him in escaping to the island. After that, he acquires the magic power that he uses to punish those who did wrong to him but eventually forgive them. Later, the Dukedom is restored to him.

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Caliban the Savage

This is the son of Sycorax who was a witch. He was born and lived on the island. Prospero rescues him and turns him into a servant. However, Cuban is not happy with the treatment he receives from Prospero. He gangs up with Trinculo and Stephano to kill Prospero so that Stephano can become the king of the island. However, Ariel ensures their plan does not work.

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Prince Ferdinand

He is the son of King Alonso. When the ship is wrecked, he is separated from the rest of the group they were traveling with from Tunis. Later, he meets Miranda in the Island, and they fall in love. Prospero forces him to work as a servant to prove his love for Miranda. He finally marries Miranda.

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Ariel the Spirit

The spirit that assists Prospero in his bid to find those who did wrong to him. Ariel is loyal and attends to all the duties when called upon by Prospero. He serves wholeheartedly to win his freedom. Through the magic, Ariel is responsible for most of the things that take place in the play such as the storm that caused the shipwreck and the meeting between Prospero and Alonso. After completing those duties, he is set free.

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Beautiful Miranda

The only daughter of Prospero. After her father is dethroned from the Dukedom, they escape together to the island. Since she was too young, she does not understand how they ended up on the island. The only men she originally knows are Cuban and her father. She later falls in love with Ferdinand, the son of Alonso.

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The King Alonso

The King of Naples who is also the father of Ferdinand. He helped Antonio overthrow Prospero from Dukedom. Alonso blames himself for marrying off her daughter in Tunis as he believes that is what led to the wreck. He later apologizes to Prospero and reunites with his son, Ferdinand.


The brother of Sebastian. After the wreck, he is persuaded by Antonio that they should kill Alonso so that Sebastian can become King. However, their plan does not work out as Ariel prevents them from using magic powers.

Antonio the Duke

The brother of Prospero who dethrones Prospero from Dukedom. He is hungry for power and even persuades Sebastian that they should kill Alonso. However, their plan fails.

Gonzalo the Counselor

King Alonso’s counselor. He helps Prospero to escape to the island after Prospero is dethroned from Dukedom of Milan. When the ship they were in with Alonso is wrecked, Gonzalo loves the beauty of Milan.


One of Alonso’s lords. He is part of those searching for Ferdinand after the shipwreck.


Alonso’s lord as well. Tries to comfort Alonso after the shipwreck so that Alonso can stay calm assuring him that Ferdinand is still alive


Alonso jester. Meets Caliban in the Island as they plan together with Stephano how to kill Prospero. Their plan fails.


Alonso’s butler. The character loves alcohol. In the island, he is convinced by Trinculo and Calian that they should kill Prospero so that he becomes King of the Island.

Master of a Ship

Captains the ship that Wrecks with King Alonso and his people as they travel from Tunis.


Encountered in scene 1 act 1. He was in charge of the ship that was wrecked by the storm. Tries to control those aboard to stay calm.


They try to keep the ship safe from the storm but fails.


One of the spirits owned by Prospero.


Another of Prospero’s spirits


Also Prospero’s spirits