The Tempest Short Summary

The Tempest Short Summary
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When the story begins, there is a storm that has wrecked a ship that had carried the King of Naples (Alonso) and his people as they were traveling from Morocco. Prospero had instructed Spirit Ariel to cause the storm. Miranda, who is Prospero’s daughter, fears that those who were in the shop might be dead. However, she is assured they are fine.

Here Is a Quick Synopsis of the Tempest

Prospero tells Miranda that he was supposed to be Milan’s duke but was removed by Antonio. These are the events that drove Prospero out of power, and that made his escape to this island. Ariel tells Prospero that he had separated Ferdinand, Alonso’s daughter from the rest just as instructed. Caliban says just how much he hates Prospero. Through Ariel’s power, Ferdinand is led to the Island. The intention is that Ferdinand should find Miranda so that they can love each other. There are many tasks that Ferdinand is instructed to do by Prospero to prove that he loves Miranda. Though Prospero knows who Ferdinand is, he pretends and refuses to recognize him as the son of the King.

The King (Alonso) search for Ferdinand everywhere. Their fear at this point is that Ferdinand may have drowned. In the course of the search Antonio plan with Sebastian to kill Alonso so that Sebastian can become king. With the intervention of Ariel, their evil plan fails.

When Caliban meets Trinculo and Stephano (Alonso’s men), They also plan to kill Prospero. Here, the objective is to make Stephano the leader of this Island. All these three men love alcohol and drink themselves silly. Arial plays with their Psychology, and they all forget about their intention to kill Prospero.

When Alonso and his people are tired, there is a magical banquet that appears before them. Since they are tired and hungry, they decide to eat it even without finding out its origin. Ariel appears and reminds them of their past wrong deeds. The betrothal of Miranda and Ferdinand s attended by Juno and Iris.

The Lords appear before Prospero, brought by Ariel. It is at this point that they find Ferdinand already in love with Miranda. They are also forced to seek forgiveness from Prospero. Prospero gets his Duke ship back. After Ariel Ensures that all of the people from the island travel to Milan, he is released to continue with his life freely. That is how William Shakespeare ends the piece.