The Tempest Summary: Plot Overview and Analysis

The Tempest Summary: Plot Overview and Analysis
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The Tempest by William Shakespeare was written in the period between 1610-1611. It was the last piece he wrote, and most literary experts believe that it was his way of saying goodbye to the readers of his literary pieces. This text, therefore, provides a synopsis of the tempest.

What is The Tempest About? Get the Answers

The plot mainly revolves around a magician living in exile. At the beginning of the play, Prospero is introduced. He was the Duke of Milan but was deposed from the position. The magician has been living with his young daughter, Miranda on the disserted island for the past 12 years. Get more information in this quick and simple review.

Comprehensive the Tempest Analysis for You

In the first scene, there is a ship carrying Alonso, who is the King of Naples. On board are other people including Ferdinand who is his son, Antonio who is the Duke of Milan, Sebastian, and Gonzalo. This is a return trip from Tunis where they had attended the wedding between Alonso’s daughter and the Prince of Tunis. As they return, the ship they are in is wrecked by a dangerous storm. The storm was created by Ariel, a spirit under control Prospero. This is the beginning of the basic plot summary.

At the island, Miranda is afraid that the voyeurs may not be safe after the ship is wrecked and asks her father to try and rescue them. However, Prospero gives her a surety that they are safe. It is at this time that Prospero tells Miranda that she needs to know more about who she is. Prospero explains to Miranda that he was the Duke of Milan before being overthrown by Antonio 12 years ago and that is how they ended up on the island. Gonzalo facilitated his escape from Milan to the Island. Prospero and Miranda used a small boat to escape to the island. At the island, the only other company they had were Spirits and Caliban, a creature that is deformed. Prospero turned Caliban into his slave. He also rescued Ariel, a spirit imprisoned by Sycorax. The spirit also became Prospero’s servant.

The next scene takes us to when Miranda is sleeping. Ariel, the spirit reports that the lords are safe on the island. The discussion between Prospero and Ariel confirms that the storm was caused by Ariel. Caliban, who lives in the island and is under the control of Prospero, says he does not like Prospero. Caliban is just with Prospero because he has been forced to be there.

Ariel, under the instructions of Prospero, directs Ferdinand across this island. The intention is that Ferdinand should meet Miranda. Apart from her father and Caliban, Ferdinand is the only other man that Miranda has seen. They immediately fall in love. This eventuality makes Prospero since it is a chance for her daughter to get married. There are menial tasks that Prospero gives to Ferdinand to test if he is worthy of his daughter and also prevents the two from falling in love too fast. Afterward, Prospero softens his stern treatment on Ferdinand and makes him feel like he is part of the family. However, he warns Ferdinand not to break Miranda’s virginity yet.

The other people who were in the ship are safe, and there is no sign of being harmed. Even their clothes are not affected by the wreckage. Being that Ferdinand is on the other side of the island, Alonso thinks that he is dead. Alonso’s frustration leads him to start thinking that marrying the daughter off in Tunis was a bad idea since the journey is what has caused them the misfortune. However, they launch a search for Ferdinand. Gonzalo maintains an air of optimism through telling stories about the beauty of the island. During the search, Antonio convinces Sebastian to kill Alonso so that Sebastian can become king with the assumption that Ferdinand was dead. Ariel uses magic to prevent them from committing the act. When Alonso wakes up from sleep, they continue with the search.

In the course of Caliban’s work, the encounters Trinculo. His first thought is that this must be a spirit from Prospero sent to haunt him. Stephano, who is drunk, is around as well. After a while, the three (Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano) become friends and sit down to drink. They plan on how to kill Prospero and suggest that Stephano should become the new leader of the island after Prospero’s death. However, they are stopped in their tracks by the music played by Ariel, and they begin following the music other than proceeding with the plan they had to kill Prospero

The story then heads to the magical banquet prepared for the lords by Ariel. Because they are tired after the long search, they mysteriously come across food. However, they do not even question their origin because they are tired and hungry. Before the feast, Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio receive a tongue-lashing from Ariel over their past evil deeds. Alonso and his colleagues run away.

During the ceremony for the celebration of Ferdinand and Miranda’s engagement, Iris, Juno and Ceres are brought by Prospero. Through the magical powers, Ariel directs the lords who were searching for Ferdinand to Prospero. Surprised after meeting Prospero, and they stand before him without doing anything. After being confronted for their wrongdoing, they (Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian ask for forgiveness. Prospero pardons them. At this point, Alonso informs Prospero that they lost Ferdinand. Immediately, Prospero draws a curtain that enables Alonso to see Ferdinand and Miranda. The revelation of the survival of Ferdinand makes Alonso and the others very happy. Miranda is also amazed by the sight of people that she has never seen before. Alonso is then informed of the marriage between Miranda and Ferdinand.

Ariel comes back with the Mariners. They claim that they had slept since the tempest. Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano are released through the instructions from Prospero. They returned and cleaned the clothes they had stolen. Alonso and his mates spend the night at Prospero’s as they tell each other stories of the past 12 years.

After that in the book, they all plan on how to return to Italy. Back there, Prospero becomes the Duke. Prospero frees Ariel as the task that was meant to be done is now over. This detailed summary and analysis for students should give you the information you need on regarding the tempest.

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