Here Is a Short Azar Character Analysis

Here Is a Short Azar Character Analysis
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Azar is a likable person being that he likes making jokes and fun. For example, heaped how the little girl was dancing in Vietnam even though her parents were dead. To him, that was a way to ease the tension caused by the occurrence of the war in a territory that is unfamiliar to him.

He is insensitive as well. This can be seen in the way he does not want to know what happens to the dancing girl. His dance is a sign that he may be making fun of the situation the girl finds herself in. She had lost her parents in the war. Such behaviors make the other platoon members hate him. His insensitivity is also manifested when he kills a puppy that Ted Lavender had adopted. The only time he is remorseful is when he feels bad when for making fun of Kiowa’s death.

Azar is also a joker who likes pulling stupid pranks on people. There is a time he helps O’Brien scare away Bobby. Even though O’Brien pulls out of the act, Azar goes on with it. Though these stunts piss off the other soldiers, there are a few cases where they are impressed.