A Brief Mitchell Sanders Character Analysis

A Brief Mitchell Sanders Character Analysis
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The other soldiers like him because of his personality. First, Mitchell Sanders is devoted to his work as a soldier. Moreover, he also acts as a father to the other soldiers in the camp, which make them easily identify with him.

Judging by the things he carries to the battlefield, he showcases a figure of someone immature. The items include packs of condoms and a radio. It is obvious that these are not things that are reflective of what can help someone who is in a war zone.

Besides, he is someone who is self-composed. There are those moments that he experiences panic attacks. These are the times he got the urge to shout. To maintain his self-respect, he decides to maintain his composure in the situation.

He is also a loyal friend. This is demonstrated by his decision to support Rat Kiley when he shot himself and wanted to let go from the war zone. Moreover, he does not O’Brien to Revenge on Bobby.

Being a just person, he is openly opposed to the apology offered by Jimmy Cross on the death of Kiowa. He believes Kiowa should have known better what to do. The decision of Cross to lead them to the sewage field is unreasonable to Sanders.