A Quick Norman Bowker Character Analysis

A Quick Norman Bowker Character Analysis
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The experiences that Norman had in Vietnam are horrific, and he lives after that thinking about them. Though the community expects the people from the war to fit in and lead their normal lives, it is not that easy for Norman. The events of the things he saw on the battlefield keep playing in his head.

Norman feels guilty. He feels that he could have done more to save the life of Kiowa when he died in the sewage field. Even though he tries to pull him out of the muck, the smell prevents him from doing it successfully. He feels that if he had saved him, he would have won a medal.

Honesty is another trait that Norman has. There is a time when he tells O’Brien to write a story about him. However, he feels bad when the story does not reflect his failure in Kiowa’s death. He wanted everything included in the story to be truthful.

He is a persevering person. Despite the things he went through during the war, he still manages to survive and come back home. Even when back, he does not want people to see him as someone who likes complaining. Therefore, he struggles to fit in despite the hardships.