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The Things They Carried

Analysis Essay of “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien

The fictional story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien presents before the readers the mental and physical status of soldiers who attended Vietnam War. The war which happened between America and Vietnam has given much suffocation and torture to American soldiers. The story reveals the mental trauma and agony…

The Things They Carried Essay

Essay Introduction “Things They Carried” by Tim O’ Brien is a story which narrates about the experience of the in Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien is both the narrator and the protagonist of the story. He attends war as a scared young person and the painful memories he encountered during war…

The Things They Carried: A Realistic Portrayal of War

Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” is a typical war story set in Vietnam. The novel may be described as typical because it talks about an issue common to Vietnam war movies, that is, American soldiers were sent to the battlefield without proper training. As expected, the characters suffer the…

A Quick Norman Bowker Character Analysis

The experiences that Norman had in Vietnam are horrific, and he lives after that thinking about them. Though the community expects the people from the war to fit in and lead their normal lives, it is not that easy for Norman. The events of the things he saw on the…

A Brief Mitchell Sanders Character Analysis

The other soldiers like him because of his personality. First, Mitchell Sanders is devoted to his work as a soldier. Moreover, he also acts as a father to the other soldiers in the camp, which make them easily identify with him. Judging by the things he carries to the battlefield,…

A Quick Jimmy Cross Character Analysis

Lieutenant Cross is the leader of the troop that goes to Vietnam which O’Brien is part of. Though the reader can only deduce that he should lead the troop, no definite role is attached to him that a reader can openly say. It is assumed that he should give the…

A Quick Rat Kiley Character Analysis

The rat has a respectable personality. The platoon members like the way he handles their wounds. Being a medic, he has mastered the way the injuries should be treated. Despite the difficult war environment, he still does his best to ensure that the soldiers are treated properly. This is why…

Here Is a Short Azar Character Analysis

Azar is a likable person being that he likes making jokes and fun. For example, heaped how the little girl was dancing in Vietnam even though her parents were dead. To him, that was a way to ease the tension caused by the occurrence of the war in a territory…

A Detailed Kiowa Character Analysis

Kiowa is an empathetic person and tries to understand every situation regardless of how dire it is. He is the one that offers comfort to O’Brien at the time he felt guilty about killing the soldier from Vietnam. O’Brien felt bad that the soldier had died due to his gun….

An Informative Tim O’Brien Character Analysis

As seen in the story, O’Brien is a character that is complex and hard to describe. This is because he can be viewed differently in the course of the whole novel. First, O’Brien is the author of the novel. Secondly, he is part of the platoon that goes to Vietnam…

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