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The Yellow Wallpaper

Horror stories elicit a reaction in the mind and body of heightened awareness regarding a source of danger. Sometimes, these feelings are elicited through direct physical danger and sometimes they become more frightening yet when they attack the mind directly. However, both can built on similar themes and explore similar sources of dread. In the […]
How does the changing of the wallpaper reflect the narrator’s changing character in “The Yellow Wallpaper”? What does the wallpaper come to mean to the narrator? How does this first person, “unreliable” narrator complicate our interpretation of the story? When the narrator first moves into her upstairs bedroom, in the house that her husband has […]
Critical perspectives on Charlotte Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wall-Paper” have been wide and varied. The main themes that dominate the arguments of many critics are a feminine struggle. Other themes that have also been explored by critics include the psychological impacts of women oppression, the domestic space as a tool for patriarchal dominance and […]
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