“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” and “The Yellow Wall Paper”

“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” and “The Yellow Wall Paper”
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This is a Spanish story which is written by Gabriel García Márquez in 1955. The Spanish name of this story is mentioned as “Un señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes”. This book was translated in English language by Gregory Rabassa; the publication of this story in English is related with 1972. This story is related to an old man who is living in rural area and he has lack of speaking abilities. In the scene of story, a meeting between old man and mysterious couple is managed and discussion about various matters is also performed. In this situation, it is observed that old man is not treated as he want in is social and communal way of life. So, old man likes to leave the society and adopt a mystifying status to make him special in the communal way of life. According to the description of story, it can be said that writer has ability to express complex matters in an interesting way as readers like to read it with consciousness. So, writer`s struggle is liked by the readers as various publication department reports can be observed as proof in this matter.

The Yellow Wall Paper Short Story

The yellow wall paper is an attention grabbing book which is written in English language by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The topic of this story is linked to women`s health by physical point of view; it is a six thousand words small story. This is related to a woman who is struggling to make her social and professional life winning. This story is showing the women`s weakness in their communal tasks. Accordingly, freedom of woman in communal programs is also important because this is way of social sensation easily. This scenario is also described in this small story by the writer. People are capable to read and understand this story by the use of latest communication sources which are applicable for all people without any difference. This story is showing the woman struggle in her personal life; this scene is mentioned with description of marriage events especially. In other side, role of women in social and professional causes is also mentioned in this story by concern of relevant examples and instances. The writer of this story is using effective words which are making this short story efficient and fascinating for all readers.


The Yellow Wall Paper and A Very Old Man with Enormous Wing; both stories are appealing and exciting. These are prepared about social issues which are common for all people without any difference in the social order. The Yellow Paper is linked with women struggles and complexities in communal life; the lesson of this story is helpful for the public as women should gain their rights to protect them in the community. Similarly, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wing is linked with convolution of people in the community with the instance of role of old man. The readers can understand that people should behave their relations and common people with compassion and kindness.

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