Theogony Short Summary

Theogony Short Summary
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Theogony by Hesiod is a description of how the universe came into existence. In the beginning, there is nothingness. Creation started with the life of beings beginning with mother earth, also known as Gaia, Eros, the nature of desire, the underworld being, Tartarus, darkness, called Erebus, and night, called Nyx. Gaia then created Uranus. After that 12 titans, three hecatoncheries (monsters), and 3 Cyclopes came into exitance. Because Uranus did not like the hecatoncheries, they were banished to the underworld (Tartatus).

Gaia was unhappy with the actions of Uranus. Gaia then directed Kronos, a Titan to immediately dethrone Uranus. Kronos used a sickle made by Gaia and dethroned Uranus. Uranus’ lineage produced Meliai, Furues, and Giants. Through Uranus’ genitals that were thrown into the sea, the goddess of love called Aphrodite came into existence. Because Kronos had now won, he ascended the throne as the leader of all gods with Rhea, his wife.

After sometimes, Kronos and Rhea gave birth to 6 children: Zeus, Demeter, Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, and Hades. Kronos always feared to have children because of the existence of a prophecy proclaiming that one of the children would get him out of power. To prevent such an occurrence, Kronos decided to devour all the children at birth. Rhea was not happy with what Kronos did to the children. She put a plan in place to ensure Kronos did not eat their last-born child Zeus. In place of the child, Rhea Gave Kronos a rock that looked like a baby. To ensure that Zeus is never found and eaten, he was hidden on a Mountain called Ida.

When Zeus grew to maturity, his main objective was to punish Kronos for eating the children at birth. Zeus offered poisoned drink to Kors, which made him vomit the children he had eaten. He then fought his father only winning after ten years. After the win, Zeus became the leader of the gods assisted by Hera.

Zeus goes to live in Mount Olympus. He offers considerable rewards to the gods that assisted when he was fighting Kronos. Zeus takes Metis, the wisest goddess, to be his wife. With information from Gaia that Metis’s may take over power from him, Zeus swallows Metis. Hera was the final Zeus’s wife.

After a while, the child that was in Metis when Zeus swallowed her burst. It was named Athena. Hera created Hephaistos. There are also other gods mentioned, including Heracles and Circe.