Thirteen Reasons Why: Essay

Thirteen Reasons Why: Essay
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As a young-adult bestseller, Jay Asher’s ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, the author does an amazing job taking readers through the tragedy of a young girl who has been bullied. It was an extremely eerie tale of a young girl named Hannah who was in deep sorrow that she created cassette tapes just days before she took her own life. With these tapes, she left behind an eerie message that the recipients of the tapes had in some way affected her life and made her feel like she has no other way out than to commit suicide. Everyone had in some way hurt her by passing on rumors or one girl had hit her and left a scar.

It was very well-written and easy to read a book that flowed quite quickly. With a boy named Clay Jensen as the narrator, readers are easily able to slip into the story and feel the emotions that he felt. Hannah had a huge crush on Clay. He receives a box of these seven audiotapes that contains a total of 13 different stories and mysteriously mails them to a girl named Jenny.

For every person that received these tapes, it was a snowball effect. In each way, she holds each person responsible for the taking of her own life. She tells them each why she holds them responsible and in the tapes, she is a bit sarcastic. After each person listens to the tape, they are instructed to pass them on. If they do not pass them on, somehow the master copy of the tapes will be released publicly, humiliating them all.

Since Clay is the one that first receives the tapes, he starts looking at his first crush a little differently. Many of the hurt that Hannah had felt were based on rumors or bullying. This is a creepy and haunting message from beyond the grave that is coming back to haunt every person who was involved. Clay’s life was deeply affected by all of these tapes and now that Hannah is gone, everything that happens is a reminder of Hannah or how she was treated by others. Every tape to a student she goes to school with has in some way involved something cruel and people her age do not realize the multitude of what bullying can do to someone’s soul.

It was a book that is simply wonderfully written and it changed my life in ways that I did not know a short novel could. Reading this made me feel how Clay would and it makes one wonder what their actions could do to others and can teach you about oneself. Hannah is Clay’s guide and now she is gone but she has changed his life forever. While these messages are left behind, what she tells everyone is that in the end, it really all does matter. The pain that she feels is gut-wrenching and just reading what the audio recordings said evoke such sadness and pain through some subtle and some not-so-subtle actions. It is a completely amazing character who is entrancing from beyond the grave.

Asher thrusts his readers face-first into the pain that this girl was feeling. Everything is written so eerily and so mysterious at first. However, it is gut-wrenching and any young person or even people of all ages can relate to who this girl was. It is an amazing look into the forces behind what young teens can do to one another and how it painfully destroys her, leaving her with the decision to make an unfortunate choice of choosing death over life. It was brilliant and mesmerizing.