To Build A Fire

To Build a Fire vs The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock: Compare & Contrast

Jack London’s short story “To Build a Fire” exhibits the American naturalistic tradition of observing and analyzing a character in relation to the surrounding natural set up. The protagonist of the story, the inexperienced arrogant man who tries to gain control over nature is treated in contrast with the wild…

To Build a Fire Analysis

 The short story, ‘To build a fire,’ by Jack London tells the tale of a man who embarks on a journey of nine miles in extremely hostile cold conditions in a place to which he is not at all accustomed to. His lonely sojourn in the company of a dog…

To Build A Fire Summary

Jack London produced a masterpiece with his text; “To build a fire.” it is one of the most accomplished documents that supported the concept of naturalism. When we consider the plot overview, the text surrounds two main characters, a man and his dog. Here is a quick summary of the…

To Build a Fire Brief Summary

One cold morning, a man travels along the Yukon accompanied by a husky wolf-dog. Unfazed by the cold, the traveler who is determined to meet his friends by dusk soldiers on. However, it becomes colder, and he realizes his cheekbones might freeze. He therefore stops and builds a fire. The…

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