Commonalities of the American South found in The Help and To Kill a Mockingbird

Commonalities of the American South found in The Help and To Kill a Mockingbird
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The American South, in The Help, Miss Aibileen is wise, talkative which leads her in trouble severally losing her job. The American south in both The Help and To Kill A Mocking Bird are social, making chances to meet, and share. Aibileen and her friends make time to meet and talk but there are “lines” that hinder them. They are in a community that shows a clear line between their culture and the manner in which they are treated.

The theme of race is evident in both The Help and To Kill A Mocking Bird. In the Help, the author tells us of the stereotypical thoughts about blacks that they were dirty, lazy; carry bad diseases, less intelligent and their lives more valuable than the lives of whites. In To Kill A Mocking Bird, people with bleu eyes usually got good jobs or were more favored. African-American characters are depicted as less important than white characters.

Justice and judgment is the other theme that revolves around the book and the novel in the discussion that I am presenting. In To Kill A Mocking Bird, justice is said to be given to people as a privilege but not as their right. Only white’s people were to have a fair trial. Hilly in The Help, is the one who tell us of the theme of justice. She abuses her influence on businesses and courts to punish black women. Black people are mistreated and any violence and injustice carried out towards them is rarely punishable in courts of law.

The American south is innocent though there is a betrayal of their innocence. The American south finds himself in justice for crimes framed against him/her. The American south in the help, Aibileen is framed for a crime she did not commit and ends up ruining the trust Aibileen had on her boss, Elizabeth. This is s similar incidence as that happens in To Kill A Mocking Bird, as tom finds himself in trouble for raping a girl. This finds jury hard to unveil and though his innocence is not granted, it ends up destroying innocence in tom’s life on the homogenous society.

There are similarities of sympathy in the children of the American south. They see themselves and their people and feel sympathetic of the situation therewith. The children are isolated in both situations and their innocence disappears with gaining of knowledge. Minny in The Help is from an abusive husband which still brings forth the similarity of the lost innocence in the American south. Though there is sparks of caring brought forth in the community, it’s not genuine and thus contributes to the lost innocence of the American south.

Characters in both The Help and To Kill A Mocking Bird are in constant search for love. The American south loves relationships. The love of being in a relationship ends in turmoil for the American south and ends in betrayal of both parties. It’s evident from both the book and the movie that the relationship problems were caused by another party, of a different race but ends up hurting the American south the most.

The American south is in constant search for justice. Though there are laid rules meant to protect the society, it turns out that they are laid against the American south which ends him in prison in many cases. This is a major similarity on the American south, which comes out best in both.