Trifles Analysis

Drama is part and parcel of literature, as evidenced by scholars and experts who have carried out extensive and intensive research in the works done in the drama sector. Plays are part of the drama regarding this argument.” Relying on explicit messages to audiences, a production director has to use…

Trifles Brief Analysis

Trifles is a one-act show that illustrates how women overreact to their own feelings to a point that their decisions are highly influenced by emotions. It is an interesting play that is about a woman who was being accused of her husband’s murder who was found strangled in his sleep….

Trifles Plot Analysis

Introduction This play is about the murder of John Wright, where the accused is suspected to be his wife Mrs. Wright. Her name was Minnie before marriage and she has been submissive to her husband’s wishes throughout her married life. Although Minnie, her husband, and the action of the murder…

The Concept of Justice in Trifles Essay

Susan Glaspell’s play Trifles is indeed a work of literature that leaves the readers pondering as to the meaning of justice and how the concept of justice to a large extent stands subservient to the social and political ethos of the times in which it is perceived. Discernibly speaking the…

Trifles Summary

Henry Peters, who is a sheriff, is accompanied by the county attorney George Henderson visit the Wright’s home with the motive of investigating the killing of John Wright. Meanwhile, Minnie Wright, who is his wife, is under police custody about the circumstances of this murder.  The two men are here…

Trifles Short Summary

“Trifles” is a play authored by Susan Glaspell in the year 1916. The events are depicted in Mr. & Mrs Wright’s house. This play begins with two women and three men walking into the wright’s house that is now abandoned. Everywhere you look, there is unfinished business. A loaf of…

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