Mitch Alborn in Tuesdays with Morrie: Character Analysis

Mitch Alborn in Tuesdays with Morrie: Character Analysis
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‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ is a delightful narrative of Mitch Alborn and Morrie Schartz, his college professor, who acted to act his mentor and helped him understand his life better and gave him sound advice to help him make his way through it.  

Mitch Alborn

Besides being the author of the narrative, Mitch Alborn is one of the main characters. He begins by working as a minor musician and has many aspirations of becoming a skilled musician. Due to some influence after the death of his uncle, Mitch Alborn surrendered his dream of becoming a great musician and obtained a degree in writing and journalism. He becomes a great sportswriter in Detroit Newspaper. In his working life, Mitch Alborn develops more value for money than love and spends much time in his work leaving little time for his family. Unluckily for him, the union to which he belonged at Detroit goes on quite a long strike and leaves him with neither work nor salary for himself. Mitch Alborn gets frustrated and begins to regret his life decisions, thus realizing the need to change. He realizes that he needed a second chance to re-think and reassess his opportunities and priorities so that he recreates a more fulfilling life with the companion of people and activities that would help him lead a meaningful life. Mitch Alborn later meets Morrie who gives him much encouragement. Morrie’s encouragement makes him realize the time he has wasted over the years in his commitment to doing relatively meaningless work, a work that never matched his career and his purpose for life. They hold much discussion with Morrie and this makes him understand better his mistakes in the choice of his career (Hatcher et al. 9).

Mitch Alborn plans to visit Morrie every week to listen to his lessons. His view of the past mistakes in life and everything that he had missed together with everything that he must change in his life appears much logical. Through his visits to Morrie, whose life was approaching its end, Mitch Alborn continues to learn much about his life. He pays much attention to Morrie’s philosophies and considers them an important tool for rebuilding his life. Mitch Alborn, sees much of what he must change in his life. His wish to die after the accomplishment of his goals and desires appears more realistic every time he discusses it with his mentor. He must learn to love and forgive himself and others and live a life of no regrets. Morrie makes him realize better the man he always wished to become. Morrie develops in him an important aspect to value love more than money and learn to accept people over media gossip and pop-culture. Morries eventually succeeds to penetrate Mitch Alborn’s ignorance and helps him to see life from a new perspective. He thus aspires to be like his professor, and his mentor, since his college days who always encouraged him to be kind and loving.  Morrie had loved Alborn and considered him his best friend despite his appearance of toughness (Hatcher et al.  46).

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