Tuesdays With Morrie Short Summary

Tuesdays With Morrie Short Summary
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This is a novel by Mitch Albom about a professor named Morrie Schwartz, who was his favorite in college. The novel begins with Mitch saying his goodbyes to Morrie and even gives him a briefcase that had his initials.

After graduation, Mitch goes on to become a reporter for a newspaper and also a husband. His life moves fast, but his career consumes most of it.

Sixteen years from graduation, Morrie is diagnosed with ALS. He started taking down all his ideas on papers and even some philosophies with the feeling that his death was not far. His writings are sent to a reporter by one of Morrie’s friends, and this reporter decides to do a feature about his life. The story is then featured in ‘Nightlife’ television show where Mitch sees it and recognizes his former professor. He sets up a visit.

Morrie is visited by mitch each Tuesday and they discuss many topics ranging from money, love, death, regrets, and life’s true meaning. Mitch takes down these discussions and even records some. Morrie’s philosophies are intriguing to him. The philosophies were about the love for others, self-created values, rejection of popular culture, and acceptance of death.

Morrie’s health deteriorates after every lesson. He becomes very sick to the point where he is bedridden. He was coming close to his death. Morrie hugs Mitch a final time. Mitch cries. Eventually, Morrie dies a peaceful death in his home the way he always wanted to go. There is a minor service for his memorial as he had already granted himself a funeral while he was alive. This was so that he would hear the things his friends would say about him. Mitch acknowledges the fact that the funeral was on a Tuesday, the day they used to meet. He writes his novel, hoping that Morrie will continue impacting the lives of other people.

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