Twelfth Night Summary

Twelfth Night Summary
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The play is divided into five acts. In act one, the theme of love is presented, and Count Orsino laments about his lovesick. He wishes that music can be the food of love, something that would have made him kill her unrequested love through an overdose of music. He loves Olivia too much and most of the time sent Valentine his servant to convey love message to her. However, act one entails much sadness brought about by deaths such as the death of Olivia’s father and brother.

Similarly, Viola recounts her encounter in a shipwreck which separated her from her twin brother, Sabastian. The captain recalls seeing him clung on the mast of a ship not knowing whether he survived or not. Afterwords love more heated since Orsino is in deep love with Olivia and viola, who is in love with Orsino, is sent to Olivia to try and help him win Olivia’s heart. He accepted to help Orsino in disguise

In act two, Sabastian is found alive and showcases his worry of her drowned sister Viola.  Olivia stays with her uncle Toby, a drunkard who has a friend Sir Andrew with whom he woos to try luck on her niece. He turned down and decided to trick Malvolio by forging a letter on Olivia’s handwriting through her maid Maria. The letter is passed to him, and they watch him carefully as he read the letter with compassion knowing that Olivia must be loving him. He is ordered to wear specific attire to go and meet Olivia. In disbelief, meets her and rubbishes her actions.

At the end of the play, Antonio comes to Illyria to meet Orsino who seemingly becomes unhappy by the fact that they have been meeting with Cesario. Here, Cesario denies Olivia at the same time Olivia denies Orsino something, that puts apart their marriage desires. Cesario is later reunited to his brother Sabastian, and his true identity is revealed. She is identified as viola and not the man Olivia thought he was, the play ends with Orsino’s marriage to Viola.