Waiting for Godot Short Summary

Waiting for Godot Short Summary
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The play is composed by Samuel Beckett. It begins with two men, Estragon and Vladimir standing alone on a deserted road beside a withered tree. They are waiting for Godot to arrive. As they wait, they engage in various discussions and meet three other characters. However, Godot never arrives.

An Overview of the Plot

Two men, Estragon and Vladimir- also known as Gogo and Didi, meet close to a tree. Immediately they start conversing on multiple topics. Eventually, it turns out that both of them are awaiting the arrival of a man by the name Godot. However, they cannot be certain if they have ever met Godot, if that is the correct waiting place, if it is the right day to wait, or whether Godot will come at all. As they wait, Estragon and Vladimir pass time with various mundane activities and trivial conversations in between episodes of deep rumination.

After sometime Lucky and Pozzo arrive. Pozzo is heading to the marketplace to sell Lucky as a slave. For a short moment, he stops to have a conversation with Estragon and Vladimir. Meanwhile, Lucky provides entertainment by thinking and dancing. Shortly afterward, Lucky and Pozzo leave.

After they have left, a boy arrives and informs Vladimir that Godot has sent them a message with him as the messenger. He informs Vladimir and Estragon that Godot would not come that night, but he will certainly come the following day. Immediately, Vladimir proceeds to question the boy about Godot until the boy leaves. Estragon and Vladimir agree to leave, but they are still standing when the curtain falls.

The following night, Estragon and Vladimir meet once again close to the tree to await the coming of Godot. Pozzo and Lucky enter for the second time. However, this time, Lucky is now dumb, and Pozzo is blind. Pozzo cannot recall meeting Estragon and Vladimir the previous night. The two of them leave as Estragon and Vladimir keep waiting.

Moments later, the boy arrives and again passes Godot’s message to Vladimir. Just like the first time, he will not come to meet them. Vladimir then remarks that the boy had said the same thing before. The boy swears he never spoke to him the previous day. After the boy walks away, Vladimir and Estragon choose to leave. However, they remain at the same spot as the play ends.