Walden Short Summary

Walden Short Summary
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By the author Henry David Thoreau, “Walden” was published in 1854. It is an account of the experiences of Thoreau over two years, two months, and two days. It is set in Massachusetts in a woodland that Ralph Waldo, his mentor, owned and also where Thoreau built his cabin.

A Quick Overview of the Story

It is March in the year 1845, and Thoreau decides to build a cabin next to Walden Pond in Massachusetts. It is a form of a personal experiment whereby he aims at discovering everything he could about the nature of humans. He believes that seclusion from the mundane world and society is the best way to ensure no distractions.

The book takes a huge focus on the season changes, and they structure his years there. His days consist of activities like observing the fauna and flora located there and also farming.

He takes some trips to the village while wearing a party hat. He becomes arrested one day on the charges of failing to pay his poll tax. Thoreau hosts some friends in his cabin occasionally. In the book, he gets to meet several different people, including a philosopher, a poet, hunters, laborers, farmers, and some settlers. They give him a history of the area.

Thoreau explores several ponds in his area such as the White Pond and also Flint Pond. He also explores some of the surrounding farms for sample Baker farm where he spends some time with a laborer and his kin. The fall arrives, and the trees change in color. Thoreau makes preparation awaiting winter by erecting a chimney. In winter, the pond is frozen, and he keenly notices the changes occurring. On arrival of spring, Thoreau sees the ice melt before him and several other shiftings including an increasing variety of plants and animals. The second-year is not much different. He decided to leave Walden in 1847.