Who Moved My Cheese Analysis Essay

Who Moved My Cheese Analysis Essay
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Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson and Blanchard focuses on the changing nature of the environment and how people tend to react towards it. There are four types of people characterized in the book: those who realize early that change is necessary, those who take action based on the changes that he has encountered, those who needs time to adjust to new changes but eventually understands the need for change and moves on, and those who denies and rejects change.

In life, there is a certain sense of complacency on the routines and the everyday activities that we do. This becomes our comfort zone by which we protect, treasure and nourish. However, as with other aspects in our changing world, the resources of our comfort zone may dwindle. Since we are using the resources of our comfort zone everyday, we tend to overlook that the reason why we are comfortable with such environment diminishes because we are using it up.

As human beings, we tend to be arrogant with our comfort zone. Because of this, we don’t realize what the impact of change is in our environment thinking that we can forever maintain our comfort zone. This proves to be a fatality. When change happens, we get shocked by it and instead of being able to move on quickly and adapt to change, we resist and deny the changes that are happening.

It is important then to consider the primary concepts of the story. Happiness is very important to us as human beings. We stay in a place or in a situation because we find our happiness and contentment there as how the characters in the story stayed in Cheese Station C because of the abundance of cheese they found there. One sticks to a situation because we want to protect our happiness. And the happier we are, the more we want to hold on to that situation or thing that gives us our happiness. Like with the characters in the story, they hold on tightly to the idea of the cheese feeding them full that they do not want to venture outside of that station anymore since they found happiness and contentment there. But then if we do not realize that there could changes and that the source of our happiness may dwindle and diminish, then we may become extinct in the sense that we become unhappy and discontent that it will hinder our opportunities to find our happiness again. So then it is important that we stay positive towards changes, learn to face risks and challenges, and enjoy the journey of finding happiness again as it will make us even more contented and happy once we get ahold of our source of happiness once again. Also, it is very important to keep in mind that we need to be aware of our surroundings, and we have to learn from our experiences in order to anticipate changes that may happen and to know how we could better adapt to the changes in accordance with our own perspectives and beliefs.

Organizational changes and life changes happen every now and then. What is important is that we know our value and how we value our own happiness. If we are not happy anymore with our situation, then we have to move on and find another source of happiness that will make us work and live better. We may not plan for the changes that will happen but at least anticipating that change may happen will allow us to consider other avenues for us to move on. What is important is that the changes will allow us to become better persons. Adapting to the change doesn’t necessarily mean that we move on to the direction that is expected of us. We may turn to the direction of the cheese in Cheese Station N or we may find another station that may give us more happiness. The important thing is we move towards how we feel would give us happiness rather than discontent. It will never do anything to mope and sulk.