Who Moved My Cheese Summary

Who Moved My Cheese Summary
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Here is the quick summary of the introduction. There is a group of friends who are gathered for dinner. The conversation topic switches to change. This is a change in relationships, career or even family life. One of the members states that he is no longer bothered by change after he heard a funny story by the name “Who moved my cheese.”

Here Is a Brief Who Moved My Cheese: Plot Overview

This is how Spencer Johnson introduces the fable. In the story, four characters reside in a maze. There are mice Sniff and Scurry and little people; Haw and Hem. Life is good for them as they have found a large piece of cheese, their favorite food. Hema and Haw go even further as to move near it as it has become a major part of their lives. However, they fail to notice that it is reduced in size and one morning they arrive to find the cheese is not there.

The story then separates into two. Snuff and Scurry, who foresaw this, are quick to accept the cheese loss and search the maze for another source. The little people who have built around the big cheese feel that they were victims of theft. They cling to this notion, and it makes them go hungry, while the mice are already in search of new cheese. They believed that they were entitled to this cheese. Therefore they scream, “ WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?

They decide to stay hoping that the cheese would appear again. They constantly complain, blaming everything else except for themselves. The situation does not change. They start blaming each other for their situation. They even go ahead and use sophisticated tools to dig behind walls thinking the cheese might have gone there.

Haw becomes smart and decides to look for more cheese in the maze. Hem does not follow him

The fable tries to capture the moment after losing a job or a relationship where one thinks it is the end of the world. This mentality makes one believe that all the right things are only in the former situation and the future is to be feared. The message he tries to bring home is that change should be viewed as a beginning of something else instead of seeing it as the ending. Haw writes a statement on a wall in the maze that says, if you do not change, you can become extinct.”

Life is not a thing to be wasted and requires some adventure and risk. Living in this manner will make one lose the horror related to change. Hem, Haw, and the little men realize that breaking through fears sets one free.