Woman Hollering Creek

Woman Hollering Creek Short Summary

In the book Woman Hollering Creek, the author Sandra Cisneros recounts the ideal encounter of an original Mexican housewife by the name Cleófilas Hernandez. She is born in a family of six brothers and a father with no mother. Therefore, she learns the womanhood by watching the television’s telenovelas. Get…

Consider the Relationships of a Father or Mother and One Child in “Half and Half”, “Woman Hollering Creek” and others

It is necessary to take into consideration the fact that family relations are frequently applied by various authors to spice their writings. Family and relations within it are considered to be the most important thing in human life. That is why so much attention is paid to these issues in…

Woman Hollering Creek Summary

Woman hollering creek and other stories is a compilation of short stories authored by Sandra Cisneros, who is a Mexican writer based in San-Antonio. This collection is a reflection of how America influenced Cisnero while still being attached to her Mexican heritage while growing up close to the northern Mexico-US…

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